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R Code Repository

Welcome to the Plant Biology and Conservation R Code Repository

The PBC R Code Repository is a collection of R scripts contributed by department members. The Repository is hosted in a Northwestern University Box folder accessible via this link using your Northwestern login.

How the Repository is set up

The Repository is divided into six folders for different categories of contributions:
The home folder contains a Google spreadsheet called “Directory and comments” that contains detailed information about each submission, including where it is located, what it does, who contributed it, and any post-submission user comments.
Each submission consists of an R script, any associated test data (when necessary), and a pdf showing the expected output of the script using the test data.

How to use the repository

To use the Repository, simply navigate to the home page, find the script you want in the Google spreadsheet, and download it from its folder. If you wish to leave comments after downloading a contribution, use the “User comments” field in the Google spreadsheet.

How to contribute to the repository

The Repository welcomes clean, well-annotated scripts that will be useful to people beyond the author. Submissions should be fully executable as-is. To prepare a submission, create a zip file containing the script, any required data, and a pdf of the expected output (the “Knit” function in RStudio is helpful for generating the pdf). If you would like to make a submission contact
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