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Selected Student Publications – 2018 (See faculty webpages for faculty publications)

November 21, 2018

Barak, Rebecca S., Taran M. Lichtenberger, Alyssa Wellman‐Houde, Andrea T. Kramer, and Daniel J. Larkin. 2018. Cracking the case: Seed traits and phylogeny predict time to germination in prairie restoration species. Ecology and Evolution 8, no. 11: 5551-5562.

Finch, J., Walck, J., Hidayati, S., Kramer, A., Lason, V., & Havens, K. 2018. Germination niche breadth varies inconsistently among three Asclepias congeners along a latitudinal gradient.Plant Biology (Stuttgart, Germany), Plant biology. 20 May 2018.

Gardner, E.M. R. Gagne, P.E. Kendra, W.S. Montgomery, R.A. Raguso, T.T. McNeil and N.J.C. Zerega. 2018. A flower in fruit’s clothing: Pollination of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus, Moraceae) by a new species of gall midge, Clinodiplosis ultracrepidata sp. nov. (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae). International Journal of Plant Sciences.

Kates, H.R., M.G. Johnson, E.M. Gardner, N.J.C. Zerega, and N.J. Wickett. 2018. Allele phasing has minimal impact on phylogenetic reconstruction from targeted nuclear gene sequences in a case study of Artocarpus(Moraceae). American Journal of Botany.

Laricchia, K.M., M. Johnson, N.J.C. Zerega, and N.J. Wickett. 2018. A transcriptome screen for positive selection in domesticated breadfruit and its wild relatives (Artocarpus spp.). American Journal of Botany. 

Ning, Chen; Mueller, Gregory M.; Egerton-Warburton, Louise M.; et al. 2018. Diversity and Enzyme Activity of Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities Following Nitrogen Fertilization in an Urban-Adjacent Pine PlantationForests 9(3): article 99.

Seglias, Alexandra E.;Williams, Evelyn; Bilge, Arman; et al. 2018. Phylogeny and source climate impact seed dormancy and germination of restoration-relevant forb species.PLOS ONE13(2): Article Number: e0191931   

Wang, M.M.H., E.M. Gardner, A.R. Milan, Salma, C.M. Yee, R. Chung, L.S. Leong, and N.J.C. Zerega. 2018. Origin and diversity of an underutilized fruit tree crop, Artocarpus integer (Moraceae). American Journal of Botany. 

White, Abigail; Fant, Jeremie B.; Havens, Kayri; et al. 2018. Restoring species diversity: assessing capacity in the US native plant industry. Restoration Ecology 26(4): 605-611.

Also see Publication Archives for additional publications


Congratulations to 2018 PhD graduates

August 10, 2018

Chen Ning, Dissertation: Structure, Diversity, and Function of Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities in Native and Introduced Pines of South China

Lauren Umek, Dissertation: Impacts of Restoration and Management on Plant Communities and Belowground Processes in the Chicago Region

Rui Zhang, Dissertation: Molecular Systematics, Evolutionary Ecology and Biogeography of Ectomycorrhizal Genus Suillus (Boletales, Basidiomycota)


Dr. Umek on WTTW

July 16, 2018
Alum Dr. Lauren Umek talks on WTTW about Chicago Park District restoration project on Chicago River

Congratulations to 2018 MS graduates

July 12, 2018

Lauren Audi, Thesis: The Breadfruit Odyssey: Genetic Characterization of Caribbean Artocarpus altilis using historical, genomic, morphological and collaborative approaches

Nora Gavin-Smyth, Thesis: Investigating the restoration potential of soil seed banks following buckthorn removal

Nathan Lamb, Thesis: Genetic augmentation reduces mate limitation in two rare Asteraceae species

Mary Patterson, Internship: Long-Term Monitoring Plan: Packera layneae USDA Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest, American River Ranger District

Jordan Wood, Thesis: Conservation genetics and ex situ management for living collections of endangered plants

Christopher Woolridge, Thesis: Northward bound: should southern-sourced seeds be preferentially used in restoration efforts?

Jacob Zeldin, Thesis: Functional composition in prairie plant communities: implications for invasion resistance, restoration, and conservation

Kaiyue Zhou, Thesis: Biogeochemical cycling in a green roof ecosystem

2018 Grants and Awards Recipients

July 11, 2018

Katie Wenzell (PhD Candidate): $1350 from the Illinois Native Plant Society (the project is: Investigating genetic diversity and inbreeding of the state-endangered downy paintbrush (Castilleja sessiliflora))
Sam Danguilan (MS Student): $1350 from the Illinois Native Plant Society and $ 500 from the Botany Division of the Illinois State Academy of Sciences, Does variation in flowering phenology affect reproductive success?"

Susan Deans: Nicholson Fellowship 2018-19, awarded PhD Stipend and Tuition for one academic year from The Graduate School at Northwestern University.

Lynnuan Johnson (PhD Candidate): Phipps Botany in Action award for $5,000
Susan Deans: Nicholson Fellowship 2018-19, awarded PhD Stipend and Tuition for one academic year from The Graduate School at Northwestern University.
Katie Kucera (MS Student): NU Alumnae Award for $6,956 “Characterizing genetic changes in the production of multi-source seed lots in Penstemon pachyphyllus.” 
Emma Leavens (MS Student): Friends of Nachusa Grasslands for $5,500 “Impacts of Mycorrhizal Fungi Abundance and Diversity on Establishment of Comandra umbellata.”
Lea Richardson (PhD Student): Nicholson Fellowship 2018-19, awarded PhD Stipend and Tuition for one academic year from The Graduate School at Northwestern University.
Katie Wenzell (PhD Candidate): Friends of Nachusa Grasslands for $1,440 Low Pollination of State-Endangered Downy Paintbrush: A Problem for Restored Prairies or for Illinois?” 

Katie Wenzell (PhD Candidate): $4,900 from the American Philosophical Society Lewis and Clark Fund Research Award

Katie Kucera (MS Student): the Utah Native Plant Society Grant-in-Aid Award

Alicia Foxx (PhD Student): Elmhurst College American Dream Fellowship