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Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research

 Undergraduate students can contact faculty in the Plant Biology and Conservation Program to learn about research opportunities. Below are some examples of undergraduate students research projects.

Recent Highlights

Name Major Years Research Mentor
Finote Gijsman 2021 Conservation of Great Lakes endemic plant Pati Vitt and Kay Havens
Leta Dickinson Environmental Science 2019 Population genetics of a crop wild relative of jackfruit. Nyree Zerega
Sean Obrochta 2019 Plant demographic responses to changes in pollination Amy Iler
Benjamin Sanchez Chemistry, Environmental Policy and Culture 2019 Can soil microbes modulate the response of tropical dry forests to reduced rainfall? Louise Egerton-Warburton
Emma Belanger Environmental Science 2018 Reproductive Ecology of Aster furcatus Pati Vitt, Nora Gavin Smith
Adam Flam   2018   Pati Vitt, 
Elaine  Jiang Business 2018   Andrea Gruver, Paul CaraDonna
Christina Shehata  Neuroscience 2018 Using Genetics to help Hawaiian's endangered flora Jordan Wood, Jeremie Fant
Alicia Wala Environmental Science 2018   Andrea Gruver, Paul CaraDonna
Christina Shehata Neuroscience 2017-2019 Adapting and testing phylogenetic methods for detection of selection in plants Colby Witherup
Angela Walwema Environmental Science 2017-2018 Effect of floral albedo on soil microclimate Amy Iler
Finote Gijsman Plant Biology and Environmental Sciences 2016, 2017,19 Integrated Conservation of an Orchid Rich Habitat in Door County Wisconsin Pati Vitt
Benjamin Barteau 2016, 2017 The importance of Cirsium pitcheri, a rare plant species, as a pollinator resource Kay Havens, Pati Vitt
Taran Lichtenberger Biology, Plant Concentration 2015, 2016 Intraspecific traits of native prairie species Andrea Kramer; Evelyn Williams
Luis Anzures   2015 Genomics of Oenothera xylocarpa Anita Cisternas, Jeremie Fant
Gabriela Carr Biological Sciences, Environmental Policy and Culture 2015 Broadening definitions of plant biodiversity in restored tallgrass prairies  Rebecca Barak; Dan Larkin; Evelyn Williams
Kenneth Jops Mathematics/Environmental Science/Chemistry 2015 Demographic consequences of seed germination patterns in Lespedeza leptostachya Pati Vitt
Robert Sherman   2015   Lauren Audi, Lindsey Bechen and Jeremie Fant
Taylor Tate Environmental Science 2015 Pollinator traits & characteristics of flowers in the evening primrose family Krissa Skogen
Ryan Anderson   2014 Moss Genomics - New techniques for old lineages Norm Wickett
Lisa Kim   2014 Moss Genomics - New techniques for old lineages Norm Wickett
Raudel Cabral Biological Sciences 2013, 2015 Moss genomic research Norm Wickett
Jessica Ross Biology, Plant Concentration 2013, 2014 Restoration of tallgrass prairies Louise Egerton-Warburton, Lauren Umek
Arianna Farmer Mathematics 2013 Moss genomic research Norm Wickett
Alexander Shaffer Plant Biology and Classical Studies 2013 Genetics of Nursery grown Castilleja levisecta, the golden paintbrush Jeremie Fant
Hazel Levine Environmental Science 2012   Emily Yates; Susanne Masi
Sohier Dane Biology 2005 Checking for Inbreeding Depression in Cirsium hillii Jeremie Fant; Susanne Masi
Anne Fabricius Biology 2005 ISSR as a technique to distinguish Lilium species and cultivars: evaluations and applications Jim Ault
Kyle Hamm 2004 Monitoring a Chicago Area- Recreating a Natural Environment Boyce Tankersley
Tegan Jones Journalism 2004 In Search of Ramon: A Paleoethnobotanical Study of Plant Remains from Tikal Christopher Morehart; David Lentz
Mercedes Stickler Environmental Policy and African Studies 2004 Effects of Self Versus Outcross Pollination on Pollen Tube Growth in Platanthera leucophaea Pati Vitt
Daiyon Kpou     Using spatial analysis and GIS to investigate patterns in rare plants Nyree Zerega, Elliot Gardener