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Requirements & Registration

As a MS student in the research thesis-based degree, you will be expected to complete coursework, conduct research culminating in a thesis which you will defend to a committee, and to take part in various program activities including seminar series and lab group meetings. 


Coursework and REGISTRATION - MS Thesis

Year One:

  1. Register for at least 3, and no more than 4 units each in fall, winter, and spring quarter. Remember that you need to have 11 units by the end of year one. If you have taken previous graduate level courses, you may request to waive up to two units of requirements. Contact the PBC Director about this.
  2. Courses are taken in year one. Below is an example schedule.  All courses are worth one unit unless otherwise noted. Also see MS thesis timeline
    Fall: PBC 450 (2 units), PBC 451, up to one elective
    Winter: PBC 499, up to three electives 
    Spring: PBC 499, up to two electives, Course or Independent Study in Statistics/Data Science (see PBC Student Handbook for more information)

  3. You do not need to register for summer quarter.

Year Two:

  1. Register for TGS 512 until you complete your degree. This carries a $100 fee/quarter. When registered for TGS 512 you will not receive a health insurance subsidy or a U-Pass. You only need to register for it in the fall, winter, and spring quarters (not summer).

Research and Academic progress - MS Thesis

For more detailed information see the PBC Graduate Student Handbook.

  1. Thesis committee should be formed and a thesis proposal should be defended by spring of year one.
  2. Written thesis plus an oral defense is required for graduation. A public presentation of the thesis is given followed by a defense with the student’s committee. It is recommended that the defense is completed by the summer of year 2.
  3.  Satisfactory Academic Progress must be maintained by students. A student will not be in good academic standing if he/she has an overall grade average below B (3.0 GPA, and no single grade below C), has more than three incomplete grades, or fails to make satisfactory progress with research as determined by the student’s thesis committee.


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