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As a MS student in the internship-based degree, you will be expected to complete coursework, complete an internship and internship project, and encouraged to take part in various program activities including seminar series. 



  1. Register for at least 3, and no more than 4 units each in fall, winter, and spring quarter. Remember that you need to have 9 units by the end of year one.
  2. All courses are taken in one academic year. For an example timeline, see MS internship timeline

  3. You do not need to register for summer quarter as you complete your internship. 


  1. By the winter quarter you should be arranging your internship.
  2. Your internship may start in the spring or summer quarter and will consist of at least 240 hours
  3. An internship product will be decided upon by you and your internship host and must be completed before graduating
  4.  Satisfactory Academic Progress must be maintained by students. A student will not be in good academic standing if he/she has an overall grade average below B (3.0 GPA, and no single grade below C), has more than three incomplete grades, or fails to make satisfactory progress with research as determined by the student’s thesis committee.


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