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As a MS student in the internship-based degree, you will be expected to complete coursework outlined below, and complete an internship. Activities including seminar series and lab group meetings are optional. Required courses are offered Monday through Friday during the day, but some elective courses may be offered in the evenings during the week.

Coursework (total of 9 units)

1. 4 units of required courses

2. 5 elective units. There are several options in PBC, but electives can come from any department as long as it carries graduate level credit. 

3. Attendance at PBC seminar series is encouraged.

4. Satisfactory Academic Progress must be maintained by students. A student will not be in good academic standing if he/she has an overall grade average below B (3.0 GPA, and no single grade below C), has more than three incomplete grades, or fails to make satisfactory progress as determined by the internship committee.