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Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance for Master’s Internship Degree Program

Tuition: For the 2023 – 2024 academic year, full-time tuition is $21,550 per quarter. A full-time master’s student would take three-quarters of classes (fall, winter, spring), bringing the academic year tuition cost to $64,650. 

Healthcare: Students are required to have health insurance, either through the Northwestern Student Health Insurance Plan (NU-SHIP) or the student’s own health insurance carrier. In year one, master’s students receive a 65% subsidy for NU-SHIP.

Student Health Fee: This fee is charged in the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. It covers the use of Health Services for programs housed on the Evanston or Chicago campuses. (Contact us for more information about this fee). 

Student activity fee: approximately $125 each quarter. It covers a variety of services including a U-Pass for public transportation with the CTA (Chicago Transportation Authority)

Housing: There is a range of housing opportunities on and off-campus. Students frequently live in Evanston or Chicago. 

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