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Marie Faust

MS student

Advisor: Amy Iler
Research: Reproductive consequences of climate-driven changes in synchrony between interacting plant species
Research Interests: Climate change, phenology, pollinator declines, habitat restoration, sustainability  
Current Research:
A growing number of studies have documented pollinator declines across the planet. Losses in pollinators and the services they provide can have widespread negative ecological and economic impacts on greater plant diversity, wider ecosystem stability, crop production, and food security. This knowledge shaped my decision to research plant-pollinator relationships with Dr. Amy Iler.  I am currently exploring the demographic consequences of climate-driven changes in synchrony between interacting plant species in the Rocky Mountains. Specifically, I am examining the effects of climate-induced shifts in co-flowering between species that did not previously co-flower. I will determine if altered co-flowering patterns between two subalpine species are increasing competition for pollinator services, resulting in increased pollen limitation in both species. Lastly, I will examine the demographic consequences, such as reduced seed and fruit set, of pollen limitation in these species.
Honors and Awards:
  • Northwestern University Program in Plant Biology & Conservation, Shaw Fellowship, $34,000, 09/2017
  • “Backyard Hero” Award, 4/2013, presented by Community Shares of Wisconsin, this annual ward highlights citizens who are doing exceptional work for their community
  • State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Awards Board, Academic Excellence Scholarship, $2,250, 6/2011
  • Oregon High School, High School Valedictorian, 5/2011     
Publications and Presentations:
  • Limitations to Pollination and Ovary Development in the Small White Ladyslipper, Pilot Study, 12/2015
    -Study presented at the 2016 North American Prairie Conference by John A. Harrington, a co-author
    -The study is currently being prepared for journal submission
  • The ABCs of Waste, The University of Wisconsin Office of Sustainability, Presentation at the 2015 National Students for Zero Waste Conference, 10/2015