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About the Program

The Plant Biology and Conservation Program is a partnership with the Chicago Botanic Garden and offers graduate degrees (PhD,  thesis-based MS, internship-based MS) as well as a concentration in ecology, evolution, and conservation for undergraduate biology majors. There is also a  BA/MS degree option  for Northwestern undergraduates. In all of the programs, students earn their degree from Northwestern University and work closely with faculty at both institutions. 

Graduates have a strong theoretical and methodological foundation within the fields of ecology, conservation, and evolutionary biology, together with the in-depth knowledge required to be able to identify and articulate the frontiers of scholarship and applied science within their area of specialization. As global environmental issues are complex and necessitate interdisciplinary expertise, the curriculum emphasizes a complex systems approach with the integration of multiple disciplines, and a breadth of approaches from basic to applied research as well as a focus on local, national, and global issues. Students also have opportunities for civic engagement.