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Diversity Equity Inclusion

Vision: To realize a diverse community where all members are challenged to engage differences as strengths in an environment that ensures equality of access, opportunity, participation and representation.

Mission: The Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee in PBC works to help create and sustain a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment for all community members. The committee also helps to create accountability for adherence to these principles.

The PBC Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee is comprised of faculty and student representatives (list of members coming soon).

If you have ideas about how PBC can improve or implement new approaches to achieve our vision, please contact the PBC program director or committee members directly.

If you have concerns about discriminatory, exclusionary, or harassing behaviors, there are multiple options available for you to discuss and/or submit your concerns. Please note that for issues of sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination, faculty members and administrators are mandated reporters and may need to share incidents with the Office of Equity and Title IX Administration. Confidential support for issues of sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination can be found here. You can file a report here.

Discuss your concerns directly: You can speak with the Program Director or any member of the DEI committee directly. We are here to listen, provide additional resources for support, and discuss your options for reporting. 

Submit your concerns anonymously (coming soon): You may submit your concerns anonymously to the DEI committee using a form coming soon. Your submission will be viewed by members of the DEI committee only. All submissions made through this form are anonymous unless you choose to disclose your identity. If you disclose your identity, we will work with you and discuss options for ways to proceed. For anonymous submissions, our ability to address specific concerns is limited. We will use any information submitted anonymously to guide discussions on actions the committee can take to ensure the department is a supportive and safe space for all of its members.

Contact Northwestern’s Office of Equity: You can find information on getting assistance from Northwestern’s Office of Equity here.

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